Lover Lover director & designer, Abby Melton.

Lover Lover was born out of a love for jewellery, colour and a desire to be creative. Our designs encourage people to be bold and feel fabulous!  
Chief Maker and Designer, Abby Sangster, has a way with colour... she LOVES to wear it and finds deep pleasure working with it. Abby has travelled extensively and lived all around the world. Her exposure to a variety of fashion has influenced the Lover Lover design process, merging bold colours and styles freely. The Lover Lover collection, like fashion, has no rules and hopes to empower people to wear what makes them feel good! 
Abby's love affair with design started early. As a young girl, she would choose dress patterns, and alter clothes with the help of her seamstress mother. When Abby became a mum herself, her passion to create was once again ignited, and Lover Lover was born.  
Each piece is designed from a sketch on paper, given some digital wizardry, then precisely cut and handcrafted in the Lover Lover studio. You will find Abby and the Lover Lover label in the lovely small town of Oamaru, New Zealand.

Lover Lover's big, bold, bright designs will create happiness wherever they go!